City That Never Sleeps

So I just happened to be in New York during the first week of February, 2015 and just escaped a major snow storm that saw thousands of cancelled flights just a week earlier. Though still bitingly cold, the perpetual light, energy and activity around Times Square was too good a siren call and I just have to go soak in the sights.

As I was travelling light this time for work, I decided to ditch my usual camera gear at home and just had my iPhone6 with me, which was just as well as it will be too cold to be fiddling around with camera controls and lens. Anyway, decided that its a good time to see how the iPhone6 perform as a camera with a range of scenes covering from daylight to low light to night time.

Surprisingly, the iPhone images held up pretty good. Sure it will not be a fair comparison to pitch it against the normal Leica setup that I shoot with, but considering that this weigh and cost a fraction of my normal setup – in my humble opinion it stills delivers very decent images and excellent and sharp, contrasty images with plenty of details. Have a look at the following samples, all straight from the iPhone with no additional processing.

So what is the BEST camera out there? It’s the camera that you have with you. Enjoy the pictures.