July 19


It has been a long time since I last posted or begin any creative projects. As I got caught up in the daily grind of the rat race, I have allowed my creative self to take a second seat always telling myself that I will start writing again tomorrow. Tomorrow pushes to next week, pushes to next month and before long, years have gone by.

In its place, resistance took its hold, manifesting itself onto the mind, singing its sweet lullaby of complacency, of accepting failures and finding reasons and validations for our failures and shortcomings. It took a well deserved jolt from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art to admit that I have let Resistance stand in the way of the passion and the creativity that once ignited my imaginations. Procrastination, Ego, Self Serving – all the guises that Resistance compels us into becoming, that we begin to accept this way of life as reality.

No more excuses. Today I stared down Resistance and cast her out. Today I will tend to the passion and creativity that has so long been buried. Today I reclaimed my life.

Today is already turning to be a beautiful day.